Erasure of the Goshawk

Unfortunately, I was unable to keep last terms’ goshawk painting on the wall, due to the limited space in the department. So, I decided to utilise the situation by creating piece of video art documenting its’ removal. Donning a traditional boiler suit, I recorded myself painting out the Goshawk using a roller and paintbrush.
The video acts as a metaphor for the decimation of bird of prey species around the UK as a result of human activity and urbanisation. The industrial nature of the problem is highlighted by the boiler suit worn by me, whilst I paint out the bird.
The fact that I am not facing camera indicates that perhaps society are unaware /wilfully ignorant of the effect humanity is having on the surrounding environment. en masse of the consequences of lifestyle/pollution. however, looks at camera briefly at the end, bringing awareness/guilt?  building on en masse part, sped up/ lowered opacity and layering give illusion of more than one person working on it at the same time. Partly to speed up the process, partly to show that it is the consequence of society as a whole, not just individual people – issue of the system. Finally, part of it is personal – bittersweet, sombre element of the erasure of several weeks worth of time and effort, by my own hand. Erasure of self and erasure of what i stand for. -> whilst my work focuses on removing stereotype and personification to wild creatures, feels a little like the death of an old god.


Krystoff Wodizcko

k wodiczko 1k wodiczko 2
Projection of hands onto central public library – criminals and victims confessions. Open up and share in public space – easier to do so than in private. Bunker Hill – projection. Public confession – ominous. Speak about the unspeakable. distressing. Outline of speaker needs to match the building. Hiroshima art prize. Sharing pain. River – graveyard. Attaching camera to head – taboo subjects.

Laylah Ali

laylah ali 1laylah ali 2
Cartoonish yet elegant- used to 2D. Doesnt believe in escapist fantasy – too dark and connected to the world and modern day issues for that. Files things in relevant categories.Interested in hands – their placements. Gouache – keeps track of colours, plans work ahead for months. Reading and writing – connection to paper. No paintings withot drawings – drawings first. Moment of violence – what occurs around it. Creative collaboration with dancers – basketballs. Book – score. Dodgeball – not enjoyable, bullying,.
Belts – domestic violence. Control over paintings – unexpected energy.