Marcus Coates; Dawn chorus.


Krystoff Wodizcko

k wodiczko 1k wodiczko 2
Projection of hands onto central public library – criminals and victims confessions. Open up and share in public space – easier to do so than in private. Bunker Hill – projection. Public confession – ominous. Speak about the unspeakable. distressing. Outline of speaker needs to match the building. Hiroshima art prize. Sharing pain. River – graveyard. Attaching camera to head – taboo subjects.

Laylah Ali

laylah ali 1laylah ali 2
Cartoonish yet elegant- used to 2D. Doesnt believe in escapist fantasy – too dark and connected to the world and modern day issues for that. Files things in relevant categories.Interested in hands – their placements. Gouache – keeps track of colours, plans work ahead for months. Reading and writing – connection to paper. No paintings withot drawings – drawings first. Moment of violence – what occurs around it. Creative collaboration with dancers – basketballs. Book – score. Dodgeball – not enjoyable, bullying,.
Belts – domestic violence. Control over paintings – unexpected energy.